War Element


Gameplay :

– Fire bullet to kill all monsters.

– Tower need some time before next use.

– Be carefull! Don’t waste the energy of the tower, shooting bullet to empty space will reduce life points.

– Stop the monsters before they go through the magic barrier or the game will be over.


Deck Section :

In this game, player can customize what type of tower he/she want to use, with different elemental attack that may deal lesser or greater damage to enemies.

There are 7 types of tower (fire, water, thunder, wind, light, dark, normal) and 6 types of monster (fire, water, thunder, wind. light, dark).

Fire < Water < Thunder < Wind < Fire

Light < Dark < Light

Normal tower do normal damage towards any type of monsters.

Player will be able to use 2 special skills (freeze, meteor)

Freeze – freeze the enemies from moving forward

Meteor – dealt continuous damage as monster moving forward

Choose wisely!


Upgrade section :

Tower Damage – increase tower attack points.

Tower Cooldown – reduce tower cooldown.

Skill Freeze – increase freezing time

Skill Meteor – increase damage dealt by meteor skill

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